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 If you want to make an an appointment  please call or text me.

My number is 770-654-9927, Antwynette.


Menu of Services


Foot Reflexology     $35

  • 30 minute session - this service is for 30 minutes of reflexology on the feet


Custom Foot/Hand Reflexology      $60

  • 60 minute session - This service is 60 minutes on just the feet, or 60 minutes customized on feet & hands.


Full Body Reflexology   $60, $75 or $90 (depending on length of session)

  • 60 minute session   - This service is a 60 minute full body reflexology session that starts on the spine, includes 30 minutes of reflexology on the feet, then finishes with hands, scalp and ears. It is very relaxing and several of my clients say it turns them into "a puddle of goo".


  • 75 minute session - same as above, but additional time allows for focus on problematic areas.


  • 90 minute session - same as 60 minute session, with extra time devoted to problematic areas.


Most Major Credit Cards Accepted

Reflexology, while not a benefit covered by health insurance, might be covered by your Health Savings Account (HSA). Check with your employer or your health insurance plan administrator to see if this applies to you.


Reflexology is recognized as an Alternative and Complementary Medicine by the National Institute of Health under the umbrella of "manipulative and body-based therapies."


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